Introduction: 17-days in Europe and the Middle East

Around the world with Oneworld
Around the world with Oneworld

For this trip report I’ll take you along for a 17-day journey around Europe and the Middle East. I’m traveling almost exclusively on Oneworld airlines: American, Finnair, Iberia and Royal Jordanian.


Finnair's A330-300
Finnair Airbus A330-300 Source: Finnair

I’ll be flying Finnair’s A330-300 in business class from New York’s JFK to Helsinki, Finland (read the trip report here) and then Finnair’s Airbus A319 in regional business class on to Brussels, Belgium (read the trip report here).

Iberia Airbus A320
Iberia Airbus A320 Source: Iberia

I’m starting the trip in Antwerp, Belgium and then am headed to Mallorca, which is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. I’ll be flying Iberia’s A320 in economy class from Brussels, Belgium to Madrid, Spain and then on to Mallorca.

After only 2-nights in Mallorca I’m off to Barcelona. This giraffe may not be around for a long time, but is around for a good time 😉. Vueling Airlines dominates this route and it was really my only choice for this quick 45-minute flight.

Royal Jordanian Airbus A320
Royal Jordanian Airbus A320 Source: Royal Jordanian

Amman, Jordan is next up on the itinerary. I’m flying Royal Jordanian’s A320 in economy class from Barcelona, Spain to Amman, Jordan (read the trip report here). I will fly in the same aircraft to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Iberia A330-200
Iberia A330-200 Source: Iberia

On the way home I’m flying Iberia’s A330-200 in business class from Tel Aviv, Israel to Madrid, Spain and then on American Airlines 777-200 in business class.


I’m staying at a mix of Hilton, Marriott and independent properties on this trip. I can’t wait to share detailed trip reports with you.

In Belgium I’m staying at the Hilton Antwerp hotel. It’s an older property, but has a nice rooftop and executive lounge (read the trip report here).

Hilton Antwerp
Hilton Antwerp Source: Hilton

In Mallorca I’m staying at an independent hotel called the Nakar, which comes highly recommended on Tripadvsior. Read the trip report here.

Nakar Hotel
Nakar Hotel Source: Nakar Hotel

In Barcelona I’m staying at the W Barcelona. Last time I visited Barcelona I was envious of giraffes who got to stay at this property. Now it’s my turn! Read the trip report here.

W Barcelona
W Barcelona Source: W Barcelona

Keeping with the Marriott brand I’m staying at the W in Amman, Jordan. The interiors are styled after Petra, which I’m especially excited to check out.

W Amman
W Amman Source: W Amman

Continuing on in Jordan I’m headed to the Dead Sea and am staying at the Hilton Dead Sea Resort and Spa in Sweimeh. Mud from the Dead Sea is great for giraffes skin.

Hilton Dead Sea
Hilton Dead Sea Source: Hilton

To close out my trip I’m staying at the Hilton Tel Aviv.

Hilton Tel Aviv
Hilton Tel Aviv Source: Hilton

Have any tips or recommendations for these locations? Leave them in the comments down below.

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