Hotel Review: Conrad Maldives Rangali Island – Activities and Spas

Overwater Spa

There are two types of travelers, those who get excited about spending time on a remote island in the Indian Ocean and those who are more apprehensive and fear they’ll get bored. For those in the second category there’s actually a lot of fun activities to keep you occupied.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant Cocktail Hour

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Located 6 feet below sea level Ithaa is the world’s first all-glass undersea restaurant. I struggled whether to put this under activities or dining, but since I just came for cocktail hour, which is more about taking pictures than eating or drinking it landed here.

Cocktail hour, which runs daily from 11am-12pm is a relative bargain in comparison to lunch or dinner at Ithaa, which can easily run over $1,000 for 2 people. For $75++ per person you get 1 drink and 1 small appetizer.

When you enter the above water portion of the restaurant you’re asked to remove your shoes. You’re not allowed to experience one of the world’s most expensive restaurants with shoes and I’m fine with that. Giraffes don’t like to wear shoes.

You’re then given a choice of a glass of Ruinart Champagne or juice. This will be your only drink for cocktail hour so make sure to nurse it.

You’re then ushered down a flight of stairs to a small restaurant area. There’s an abundance of tropical fish and sharks to look at while you sip your champagne.

View from Ithaa
View from Ithaa

You’re then presented with a small appetizer. It wasn’t particularly tasty, but I wasn’t really here for the food.

Appetizer at Ithaa

Cocktail hour at Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is worth it. When is the next time you’ll get to drink champagne underwater?

Luxury Sunset Cruise

Conrad’s Luxury Cruiser

The Luxury Sunset Cruise operates Tuesday and Friday from 6-8pm. You cruise over the deep blue ocean on board the Conrad’s luxury cruiser. As the sun sets friendly Conrad employees serve you free flow Ruinart Champagne and canapés. The boat features Wi-Fi and a very nice bathroom akin to what you’d find at the resort.

Setting sail in paradise

The highlight of the cruise was the dolphins. Dolphins swim in small groups of around 12 called “pods.” We encountered several pods of dolphins on the 2-hour cruise.

Dolphins everywhere!

When dolphins bow (or jump) as they swim rapidly forward, it is called”porpoising” and it’s truly amazing to watch.

Dolphins literally swam right up to the boat

There were only 5 other people on the boat, which made it feel like a private sailing. The canapés were nothing to write home about, but the Conrad staff members made sure your champagne glass never went empty.

Sun setting over the Indian Ocean

At $140++ per person it isn’t the cheapest excursion, but well worth it in my opinion.

Spa Retreat

I booked 2 massages while I was at the Conrad Seaplane Lounge. My first massage was located in the Spa Retreat. Located 100 meters off the tip of Rangalifinolhu Island, the tucked-away Spa Retreat is one of two spas at the Conrad.

When you enter you’re seated and presented with cold towels and water while you fill out the spa questionnaire.

Welcome water and towles

You’re then given robes to change into and are ushered down a long hallway.

Hallway to spa treatment rooms

The treatment room is beautiful. There was a mild scent of aromatherapy oils and tranquil spa music played softly. My masseuse did an excellent job and wasn’t afraid to apply firm pressure, which giraffes certainly enjoy.

Following the massage I was led to an outdoor area for an Elemis Muscle Ease Herbal Bath Synergy session. This deeply soothing, fusion of warming Maritime Pine, Rosemary essential oil and mineral-rich Algae made the jet lag just melt away.

Deluxe Bath Treatment Area

Now feeling completely zen and ready to conquer a day a the Conrad Maldives I was given the opportunity to freshen up.

There’s a rather unique toilet, which has become quite popular on social media.

Toilet at the Spa Retreat

And a lovely outdoor rain shower for 2-people.

2-person shower at the Spa Retreat

Over-Water Spa

When I was in the Conrad Seaplane Lounge I couldn’t decide between the Spa Retreat and Over-Water Spa so I decided to book both.

Over-Water Spa Entrance

Winner of the Best Private Island Spa & Hotel Spa, Haute Grandeur Awards title this spa is truly unique. It’s set on stilts above the Indian Ocean. How can it get any better?

After the standard spa formalities you’re led to the treatment rooms.

Pathway to Treatment Rooms

Each treatment commences with a foot bath ceremony of pure Himalayan salts, selected flowers, and essential oils. You’re then guided through purifying breathing exercises.

Each bed in the treatment room is set above plexiglass panels so you can observe tropical fish as they swim under you during your massage. It was so cool!

Treatment Room at the Over-Water spa

My massage in the Over-Water Spa left a bit to be desired. I opted for a 60-minute deep tissue massage and a 15-minute scalp massage (free Hilton Diamond benefit). Although the setting was stunning my masseuse didn’t apply enough pressure. Perhaps she didn’t have a lot of experience with giraffes.

Overall both spa treatments were well worth it. I highly recommend splurging and visiting both the Spa Retreat and Over-Water Spa.


I decided to do the Snorkeling Safari tour, which is offered from 9am-12pm on Mondays and Saturdays. You’re instructed to pick up snorkeling equipment from the dive shop ahead of time, which you can keep for the duration of your stay free of charge.

The Conrad staff will take you by boat to some of the best snorkeling sites in South Ari Atoll where you’ll discover a range of marine life. I saw schools of tropical fish, giant manta rays and incredible coral.

Relaxing on the Beach

One of my favorite activities was sitting under an umbrella, reading a book while taking in the crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches.

Beach at the Conrad Maldives

Overall Verdict (Activities and Spas)

First Class Giraffe Approved

As you can see you’re not going to get bored at the Conrad Maldives. Only staying at the resort for 4-nights / 5-days I was only able start to experience all the resort has to offer.

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